About The Face of Mental Illness

Mental illness strikes people of all walks of life, all races, cultures, genders, socio-economic backgrounds, employment statuses, religions, political leanings, and moral codes. It can range from mild to severe, but everyone is unique, and everyone has a right to feel their experience keenly. Just because your mental illness doesn’t keep you from working doesn’t mean you aren’t affected by it, for example. And we aren’t the only ones affected by our mental illnesses. Those around us, especially those who love us, feel it, too.

Don’t be afraid to talk about mental illness. In some areas, there is some stigma around mental illness, but it shouldn’t be any harder to talk about than an amputation or asthma or other chronic condition. Let’s break down the barriers to help promote constructive and open discussion about mental illness.

Jenny and Rory: We are The Face of Mental Illness.


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