The Faces of Mental Illness – 2/9/2014

MeHi, I’m Paul. I have major depression in the bipolar spectrum for about 6 months. However looking back I’ve had depression most of my life. I was first diagnosed with depression while I was in the USAF. At the time it wasn’t as well understood as now and after two visits I was declared healed. I didn’t realize until I was 50 my heavy drinking was actually self-medicating. I stopped that about 13 years ago but slowly the depression worsened until last September when I had a meltdown and went on disability. I’m now getting the proper treatment though doctors, medication and a great therapist. I’m beginning to understand myself more but I still have a battle to fight to get to where I want to be.

To get there I’ve started volunteering at a local hospital and working to get my shepherd/collie dog certified as a therapy dog. I’ve also started reading again and trying to teach myself how to draw and color with colored pencils as part of the therapy. I actively work for Mental Health Awareness and Fighting the Stigma through my Facebook page and expressing my self-discovery on my blog on Google+ “Life In My Flock”. This gives my enforced retirement some meaning and hopefully I can help one person through their battle with Mental Illness.

With the help of my very understanding wife, who puts up with it, I know I will come out where I should be.

photo (1) (1)My name is Nelly. I write under the name of Neurotic Nelly and I suffer from severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I have been writing about my journey through the world of mental illness for over a year now. I believe that we can overcome stigma and fear if we band together and speak up. We are important and what we feel is valid. We are worthy. We are lovable. We are strong. I suffer from mental illness and I refused to feel ashamed about it. I refuse to be treated differently because of it. I refuse to accept that it makes me less than because it doesn’t.

If you are interest in learning more about OCD or my journey you can find more information on my blog.


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