The Face of Mental Illness – 1/12/2014

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I am Michael. I suffer with dysautonomia which leads to frustrating physical symptoms, anxiety, agoraphobia and enjoy a healthy and fun level of pareidolia, and while these affect my life on a day by day and often even a minute by minute basis they do not define me. I am a college instructor. I enjoy cooking. I make jokes and laugh at myself and with others. I enjoy working on the computer and run my own technology business. I have a wonderful wife and two amazing children, all of whom accept me as I am.
And, like Sada who posted before me, I too get comfort from a bear. He is often seen with me and people can accept him or not. People can accept me or not as they chose – but I am very open with my challenges and find most people, almost all, are very kind and caring and understanding. It always amazes me how often people tell me they, too, suffer from similar challenges or have friends or family that do. Too many people live in fear of others finding out what challenges they have. Thank you, Rory, for giving people an outlet to know it is OK to have such struggles and still accept yourself.



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